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April 12, 2021

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How to reduce power dissipation fan noise 

Power cooling fan noise is a very difficult thing to reduce noise and can not find a good way, the source of wind to teach you how to skillfully reduce the noise of power dissipation fan.

1) Clean power supply fan dust: first of all, to prepare a vial of motor oil and a toothpick, then power removed from the box, open the power supply shell, fans are unloaded to find fan blades dust collection location, with a soft brush to clean clean. Clean up after the completion of the work, the heat dissipation fan positive intermediate usually label, label is uncovered see fan bearings, use a toothpick dipped in take point of lubricating oil in the bearing and watch the amount of oil to appropriate. After the completion of the label stick to go back, to avoid dust, and then the cooling fan and power can be restored. For fan oiling not free to use oil, inferior oil not only helpless in lubrication, but will make the bearing accelerated wear, we should choose special products may use of high-quality sewing machine oil replacement.

2) To change the mute power fan: users can also consider switching to mute power supply or fans, the current market has a lot of quiet power, these power supply is usually after a rigorous testing, can effectively reduce power noise. Also be able to change the power supply for better cooling fan, the power to change the heat dissipation fan is also very simple, the key is to pay attention to the connection part of the fan and power.

3) Buffer shockproof: for the power and need to shock to position is not only between the cooling fan and power connections, connection between power and chassis, in addition to a fixed and firm, but also to the touch position increased cambric, rubber mat cushion, so that you can buy special shock proof of power supply products.

4) To avoid large current impact if the power source noise is due to the power of the high current caused by a high current, the installation of the filter may be replaced with a better quality of power, to avoid large current impact noise. Shenzhen feng zhi yuan Electronics Co., Ltd. focus on the development, production and sales of cooling fan.

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